Monday, 7 April 2014

Genomics is a 4 letter word

Having trouble coming up with names for your genomics or genetics project? Perhaps you could consider an acronym using all of the DNA nucleotides? Act fast, as supplies are running out!

Acronym Name
ACGT ACGT-a comparative genomics tool
ACTG Now available!
AGCT Applied Genomics & Cancer Therapeutics
AGTC Advanced Genetic Technologies Center
ATCG Now available!
ATGC Alignable Tight Genomic Clusters
CAGT Center for Applied Genetics and Technology
CGTA Now available!
CTAG Canadian Triticum Advancement Through Genomics
CTGA Catalogue of Transmission Genetics in Arabs
GACT Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits
GCAT Genomics, Computational Biology and Technology Study Section
GCTA Genome-wide Complex Trait Analysis
GTAC Gene Technology Access Centre
GTCA Now available!
TACG Now available!
TAGC The Applied Genomics Core
TCAG The Centre for Applied Genomics
TCGA The Cancer Genome Atlas
TGAC The Genome Analysis Centre
TGCA Now available!

Feel free to make bets below for when they're all gone.

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